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Find a more detailed description about setting up a server on Infinity Bot List with Vote Manager

This continues from the tutorial on the previous page (here)

At the time of writing, server listing it not yet released on Infinity Bot List, but it currently in public beta

To continue your setup, please go to the link shown as step one. It should look like this:[your-servers-id]/settings


Then, click on Webhooks on the sidebar

You should be taken to a page that looks like the above image. Click on the + New Webhook button to add a webhook.

Then click on the > Untitled Webhook button that will appear beneath it. It should expand, showing you options to configure the name, URL & authentication of the webhook

Name the webhook something that shows what it is, for example, Vote Manager. Then, paste the URL provided in step two into the Webhook URL box. The URL should follow the format[your-servers-id]/


Enter the provided Passphrase into the Webhook Secret field. Ensure that Simple Auth is left unchecked and the Event Whitelist contains NEW_VOTE or is left empty

Once you filled out the options described above, click on the Save Webhooks button

Your vote tracker is now fully setup! A message will be sent with your configured embed to the channel you configured whenever a user upvotes your server

If you forgot or lose your passphrase, you can view it using the /setup passphrase server command

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