Void Bots

Find a more detailed description about setting up a bot on Void Bots with Vote Manager

This continues from the tutorial on the previous page (here)

To continue your setup, please go to the link shown as step one. It should look like this: https://voidbots.net/bot/[your-bots-id]/webhooks

E.G. https://voidbots.net/bot/959699003010871307/webhooks

Please paste the URL provided in step two into the Webhook URL box. The URL should follow the format https://webhooks.votemanager.xyz/request/voidbots/[your-bots-id]/

E.G. https://webhooks.votemanager.xyz/request/voidbots/959699003010871307/

Next, enter the provided passphrase into the Authorization field

Once you have filled out the required fields, click the Edit button to save your changes

If you forget or lose your passphrase, you can run the /setup passphrase bot command

Your vote tracker is now fully setup! A message will be sent with your configured embed to the channel you configured whenever a user upvotes your bot

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