Made a slight typo in your vote embed? Need to change the vote message channel? You can edit your setup using the steps below
This requires you to already have an existing setup for the bot on the platform you want to edit
To edit a vote tracker, simply run the /setup edit bot command and fill in the required options.
Setup Edit Command
Use the optional channel, role & duration parameters to change the respective settings for the vote tracker. Any options left blank will retain their previous value
Required Options
Optional Options
  • platform - The platform you want to edit the setup for
  • bot - The bot you want to edit the setup for
  • channel - Channel to send your vote message in
  • role - Role to be given to users after they vote
  • duration - How long user should keep the role specified above
Options have been filled out
Other rewards can be managed via the /rewards command (more details here)
Once you have run the /setup edit command, the vote message embed will appear, allowing your vote embed to be updated. If you wish to leave your vote embed the same, simply press Submit
Vote Message Embed Builder